Lentil, Carrot & Fennel Salad

This lentil, carrot and quick pickled fennel salad makes the perfect light yet satiating lunch or dinner all on it’s own or paired with some roasted vegetables and/or a spread on whole grain sourdough. It comes together quickly for a delicious nutrient dense meal.

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Lebanese Lentil & Chard Soup

Adas bi hamoud is a traditional Lebanese lentil (adas) soup that is made with chard, potatoes and lots of lemon (aka hamoud). It can be made brothy like a soup or dense like a stew. For a more dense version, increase the amount of lentils to half a cup. Otherwise, follow the recipe below for a brothy soup version. Either way, you get a nutritious, delicious and satisfying meal for lunch or dinner any day of the week.

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Brown Basmati Rice Salad w/ Tangy Miso Dressing

This quinoa speckled brown basmati rice salad is a complete meal in a bowl and perfect for warm summer days or evenings, backyard BBQ’s, summer party potlucks or picnics. Prepare the rice and dressing up to two days in advance, but slice the vegetables and toss the salad just before servings for optimal freshness and to guarantee crispness.

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