Caramelized Fennel & Onion Filo Rolls

These filo rolls make a great appetizer to a meal or finger food on a buffet table. Yellow onions and fennel are caramelized to bring out their sweetness which is off set by the saltiness of the olives and za’atar spice. They’re perfectly crispy, sweet, and savoury and the sauce adds an element of freshness. It’s like a flavour and texture party in your mouth.

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Sumac Roasted Carrot & Cannellini Bean Spread

This spread is perfect for a picnic, on your favourite sanwich or served with crackers and crudités. It’s a wonderful appetizer, makes a great addition to the buffet table at a party and a wonderful picnic companion. It’s loaded with the goodness of roasted heirloom carrots, creamy cannellini beans and deliciously tangy and sumac spice. It’s so good you’ll want to spread it on everything.

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Mama’s Warak Arish (stuffed grape leaves)

Warak Arish Mahshi are traditional Middle Eastern stuffed grape vine leaves, common in Lebanon, Greece and Turkey. This vegan and whole grain version of the traditional Lebanese recipe is stuffed with a delicious mixture of brown rice, tomatoes, parsley, fresh dried mint, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and ground pepper. A perfect appetizer or side dish for your next meal.

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