Pantry Saples: Beans & Legumes

Various legumes

Beans & Legumes not only represent a good source of protein, but are also rich in dietary fiber and have a low glycemic index which means they leave you feeling fuller, longer.

There are a wide variety of beans and legumes available on the market, but the following is a list of my favourites and what you will find in my recipes:

  • Beans: cannellini, chickpeas,
  • Legumes: red lentils, brown lentils

Macrobiotic Tips for Beans and Legumes

In macrobiotics it is advisable to use dry beans and not canned ones which means planning ahead for meals as dried beans take a long time to cook even after soaking for 12 hours.  I try to use dry beans when I can, but I always keep a few jars of beans and chickpeas on hand in case I run out of hummus and absolutely must have it now and don’t have time to soak the beans.  In general, it’s best to avoid canned beans as the inside of the can is lined with plastic, so that’s why I opt for jars.

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