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Strawberry Tahini Crisp w/ Coconut Crème

This strawberry crisp is a classic with a twist. It’s vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and oil free as it uses tahini in place of oil to hold the topping ingredients together, which adds a whole other dimension of flavour that complements the sweetness of the strawberries. It’s very lightly sweetened with maple syrup, as the ripe strawberries do most of the work in that department and served with a fresh cold coconut tahini crème to contrast the warm strawberry fillong and crisp almond oat and tahini topping.

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Pine Nut Parsley Dressing & Meal “à la carte”

This meal “à la carte” is a no fuss way to enjoy lunch or dinner while nourishing your body as it has a good dose of the essential macronutrients; carbohydrates, fats and protein. Barley is dressed in a Pine Nut Parsley Dressing and accompanied by balsamic roasted vegetables and cashew cheese on sourdough bread. The barley can be swapped out for your favourite grain, you can use any combination of vegetables you have on hand and the cashew cheese can be replaced with your favourite nut cheese or bean spread.

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Sumac Roasted Carrot & Cannellini Bean Spread

This spread is perfect for a picnic, on your favourite sanwich or served with crackers and crudités. It’s a wonderful appetizer, makes a great addition to the buffet table at a party and a wonderful picnic companion. It’s loaded with the goodness of roasted heirloom carrots, creamy cannellini beans and deliciously tangy and sumac spice. It’s so good you’ll want to spread it on everything.

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